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What we will see in Sarajevo at the 38th Ceremony ”Best managers”?

Pane Skrbic, everythig is ready for Najmenadzer 2018 in Sarajevo
  • The election of the best managers and companies for 2018 will be on July 5 in Sarajevo at hotel Holiday. In the morning has been scheduled an interesting International Business Conference dedicated to development opportunities, especially of IT technology in this Region.
  • hundreds of suggestions for the best from different countries
  • Regional jury in permanent session
  • Promoters: Regional Independent Agency for the selection and promotion of the top managers and companies based in Sarajevo, the European Association of Managers in BiH and the magazine Euromanager
  • In addition to the central event in the capital city of BiH, the following events will be organized also: International Business Conference ( business, regional cooperation, investments and other current economic topics) and Ball of best managers
  • Who are the individuals and companies that are in the narrowest circle of awards?

On July 5, 2018, Sarajevo will host the 38th election of the best managers, business people and companies, as well as European figures for this year.

For the best in several categories, as well as the laureates of special awards, the expert jury and the regional Independent Agency for the Selection and Promotion of the Top Manager and Top Companies have received several hundred suggestions.

Who are the Co-organizers of the Best managers?

Along with the aforementioned Agency, the co-organizers of the Najmenadzer are also the European Association of Managers in BiH and the magazine Euromanager.

Awards The best managers and best companies are given to prominent individuals and companies that record outstanding business results. These are the results such as: quality business, increase of production, profit, export, market proving, application of modern technologies, new projects and investments, job creation, strengthening of the overall competitiveness etc. In addition to these awards, so called ”Special Awards” have been given to deserving creative people, organizations and institutions who are not directly in business, but contribute to its momentum and socio-economic development in general.
Award's statue of Najmenadzer

Special awards for different fields of business

Special awards include laureates from various fields such as diplomacy, high-level representatives of all levels of government - ministers, mayors, people leading the development of the chamber system, health, education, science, culture, information, sports ... all the way to the president of European countries and prime ministers, who receive the award - European Personality of the Year.

This award was introduced for the first time ten years ago and was received by Dr. Ivo Josipovic, former Croatian President, Filip Vujanovic, President of Montenegro, Peter Sorensen, former Presidents of Poland and Bulgaria - Mr. Komorowski and Mr. Plevnelijev and others.

The proposals for this year's award for the European Personality were sent from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Azerbaijan ...

Candidates of the Top Manager from 30 countries

Laureates from around 30 countries are participating each year in the final ceremony of the Best Manager's Award. This fact is impressive and sufficiently speaks about the dimension of Sarajevo business meetings.

The final ceremony is accompanied by a large number of media - at least from a hundred regional offices.

Preparations: quality and busy

Preparations for the Sarajevo Glamorous Fest, which is among the biggest European holidays of the business, are performed in a hurry but careful and detailed. All will be, according to the most responsible people from the regional Agency, "at the highest level, so that, like in the previous years, it would be unforgettable!

Laureates proved themselves through their work!

"This year's selection of the best in Sarajevo will be a new confirmation of the most successful at work," told the first man of this project to Tanjug. He added that "even in the time of severe crisis and turbulence in Europe and the world, those men and women, whose main characteristics, in essence, are business in the name and profit in the last name, can be found everywhere in this region.

There will be many interesting topics at the Summit

So far, the arrival in Sarajevo has been announced by managers from 20 different countries. The idea of the International Business Conference is to turn this meeting of managers for 2018 (the Summit of 100 successful ones) into a concrete agreement - a supply and demand-for-investment fair in the countries of south-eastern and central Europe.

”The Republic of Macedonia will host this year's summit", said Pane Skrbic, informing us that "the main topic will be IT technologies and their application and this topic is of most interest to all business people in this region ".

The other topics to be discussed in Sarajevo are also interesting and it is believed that the discussions about them will be fruitful and effective. There is so many things to say about investments, road communications and IT technologies, all of which fits into the main topic entitled "Chances for the further development of southeast and central Europe Region".

Professional jury is facing a difficult task

The expert jury thoroughly "scrubbed" all received proposals and applications for prizes and special awards. The final decision will be made at the last session of the Professional Jury. Then, a definitive classification of the awardees will be made by categories.

Regarding categories for awards, this year will be presented the new award for most successful people in the diaspora, because capable people who now work outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina all across Europe and the world create the real miracle in business.

In the magazine Euromanager (which will be released at the beginning of next week) will be the announced the names of possible laureates of this prestigious awards, the names of these people who - officially - have gained the status of nominees.
Let's just say here that 11 candidates have passed for the Personality of the Year, for the field of business 37 managers, and for special awards 12 people. Who of them will be awarded remains to be seen at the Ceremony in Sarajevo.

You are invited to the ceremony at Holiday Hotel on July 5 at 6 PM.

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