• Zoran Zaev with best mangers at Najmenadzer ceremony in 2017


There were a lot of speakers at the Conference in July 2017, but we give You only a few pictures In this slider below. Photos from conferences before 2016 you can find on our main website.

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Conversation between participants at Conference Najmenadzer
Mr Ahmet Egrlic from VTK speach at Conference Najmenadzer
More and more women are successful in business
Deputy mayor of Sarajevo Mr. Milan Trivic signin at Conference Najmenadzer
Dr. Yousef Sayed Hasan Ali Al ZALZALAH., speach at Najmenadzer Conference
H.E. Hasanov speach at Najmenadzer Conference
Mr. Haris Coralic, speach, Najmenadzer Conference
Mr. Jean-Pierre Mesic at Conference Najmenadzer
A businesswoman gives an interview at Najmenadzer Conference
Former Croatian president  Mr. Stjepan Mesic speaks to the audience at Conference Najmenadzer
More and more women are present at the Conference Najmenadzer
Mr. Vibor Mulic Speech to the audience, Najmenadzer Conference
Mr. Ranko Jovovic speach, Najmenadzer Conference
Signing for the conference, Mr Stjepan Mesic and Mr Jozsef Varadi at Najmenadzer Conference
Mr. Nijaz Skenderagic at audience, Najmenadzer Conference
Speach about the political situation at Najmenadzer Conference
Mr Vjekoslav Majetic has something to say, Najmenadzer Conference
Ms Zeljka Radak Kukavicic at Conference, Najmenadzer

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