• HE Rosen Plevneliev, President of Bulgaria

    ALBUM FROM 2016

In this slider below You can see some photos from Ceremony in July 2016! Photos from previous Ceremonies you can find on our main website.

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Aljaf Bakhatyar, award for Science
Best mayor award for Dimitar Nikolov
Best Ambassador Award for HE Chen Bo
Rasim Ljajic is Best Minister in 2016
Boris Popovic with award Best Mayor
Deen Backovic sings at Ceremony Najmenadzer
Dejan Medojević is Best Mayor for small towns
Goran Avlijas received award for Nova Banka
Jonathan Moore is Best Diplomat in 2016
Award for Culture, Ljubisa Samardzic. best actor  & director
Ljubisa Samardzic is Best Actor, Director & Producer
Boyko Vassilev Petrov. Best TV Show
Boyko Vassile Petrov, best in area of TV shows
Maja Kojundzic, Best in area of Fairs
Maja Kojundzic with her Award
HE Stipe Mesic at Najmenadzer Ceremony
Brent Sadler, Best Media 2016
Aleksandra Subotic, award for N1 - Best Media
Tihomir Ladisic from TV N1 Zagreb, best Media award
N1 TV is Best Media in Region in 2016
Joze Mermal, Life achievement award
Simon Naumoski, award for Life achievement
Simon Naumoski with his award
Radomir Rajo Kovacevic, Life Achievement Award
Speech, Joze Mermal
Faruk Sirbegovic, Manager of Decade
Faruk Sirbegovic with his award
Milija Bozovic, Award Manager of Decade
Husejin Sejo Brajlovic winns award Manager of Decade
Husejin Sejo Brajlovic with his statuette
Aleksander Mervar with his award
Aleksander Mervar winns gold plated statuette
Milovan Mile Kocic, Best in medium Business
Milovan Mile Kocic with statuette
Damir Omeragic, best in Medium Business
Fahrudin Salihovic is winner in beer production
Fahrudin Salihovic, award for brand (Tuzlansko pivo)
Milenko Mile Maksimovic with award
Radovan Radulovic with his award
Ariajan Shanaj, awarded in 2016
Kasem Bako with his award
Alma Cardzic, performance at Najmenadzer Ceremony
Award for Airport Nikola Tesla and Sasa Vlaisavljevic
Award for Sasa Vlaisavljevic received his associate
Ljiljana Kunosic, Champion of Business
Gold plated Statuette for Ljiljana Kunosic
Applause for Ljiljana Kunosic
Radomir Mikan Zec, Champion for 2016
Radomir Mikan Zec  with his awards
Igor Ilievski with awards
Zbygniev Nowik, speech at Najmenadzer ceremony
Dragomir Karic at Najmenadzer ceremony
Munevera Foco, Champion in Business
Award for brand for Munevera Foco
Munevera Foco with hands full of awards
Tomislav Debeljak with awards
Statuette for Tomislav Debeljak
Dragomir Karic is business champion
Zbygniev Nowik with his award
Pane Skrbic, CEO, opening speech
The posthumous award for Husejin Smalovic received his son
Rasim Ljajic winns statuette as Best minister
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Valentin Inzko with best minister, prime minister and ambassador
Valentin Inzko, congratulation speech
Vibor Mulic, President of the Jury
HE Jozsef Negyesi received award for hungarian Prime Minister  Viktor Orban
Dr Zijad Becirovic is best in Science for 2016

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