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The best managers and companies for 2016 in Southeast and Central Europe!

The awarding Ceremony for this year was held in Sarajevo -Vijecnica on the 7Th July with the presence of many official representatives and media from all over the Europe.
The Ceremony was opened by Mr. Pane Skrbic, president of the Board and Mr. Vibor Mulic, the president of the Jury. It was the 18th Ceremony for this region of Europe and preceded by very successful conference ”Summit-100”, held on the same day in the hotel Europe
The awars were divided into two categories:

  • 15 ”Special Awards” for those ones who do not participate directly in the business but have contributed to its development and progress.
  • 22 Awards for managers and companies from various fields and areas of business, divided into four groups: Lifetime Achievement Awards, Managers of Decade, Best in Medium and Big Business and Champions of the Business.

Special Awards

Awards and gifts for friends of this Project, HE. Valentin Inzko and HE. Stjepan Mesic
HE Stjepan Mesic with journalist at Najmenadzer Conference
Valentin Inzko, true friend of Najmenadzer project

As a true friend of this project HE. VALENTIN INZKO, High Representative from OHR, was the first one awarded with this Special Award. The same award is also given to former President of Croatia, HE. STJEPAN MESIC, a true fighter for peace and coexistence of all nations and religions.

Special Awards for Prime Ministers, Ministers, Ambassadors and Diplomats

The best EUROPEAN MINISTER in the region of Southeast and Central Europe is Mr. RASIM LJAJIC, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications! His motto "minister serves the people" can be a motto for all others ministers.

Prime minister of Hungary, Mr VIKTOR ORBAN winns award BEST PRIME MINISTER in this Regia for 2016: for exceptional economic growth and development, especially for his results in the field of employment - 150 thousand employees for this year. Mr Orban had to be on that day in Brussels and his award was received by Hungarian Ambassador, His Excellency Jozsef Negyesi.

Rasim Ljajic winns award Best Minister in 2016
Award for Victor Orban, Best Prime Minister in Region

Her Excellency CHEN BO, the Ambassador of China in Sarajevo, is the BEST AMBASSADOR for 2016 and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China is the most effective Embassy in 2016 in this region. This award is given especially for the well-known chinese project that is being implemented - "China plus 16". (Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries).

A great diplomat and successful fighter for democratic principles and good relations between nations, American JONATHAN MOORE, Head of the OSCE Mission in BiH, is awarded as ”DIPLOMAT OF THE YEAR”!

HE Chen Bo is Best Ambassador in 2016
Jonathan Moore, Best Diplomat award

Best Mayors in this Region:

Mr BORIS POPOVIC, Mayor of the Municipality of Koper, Slovenia, is the first among the mayors of European cities!
Mr. DEJAN MEDOJEVIC, President of the Municipality of Mojkovac in Monte Negro is the Best Mayor in the area of small municipal centers in this region.
Mayor of Burgas from Bulgaria, magister DIMITAR NIKOLOV is the Best Mayor in areas of bigger cities, and Burgas is a European city with the status ”city of most pleasant living”!
The posthumous award to Mr. HUSEJIN SMAJLOVIC, the recently deceased Mayor of Zenica, who has rebuilt the image of the city, was given to his son!

Picture below, all rewarded Best Mayors (Popovic, Medojevic and award for Mr Nikolov) together:

Best mayors in this Region for 2016

Awards for Science, Culture, Sport, Media, Best Banks and Fair

Winners of the SCIENCE AND SOCIAL RESEARCH AWARD are DSc. ZIJAD BECIROVIC, born in BiH and ALJAF BAKHATYAR, born in Iraq, leaders and founders of the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

For the field of CULTURE in 2016, due to acting, directing and production creativity, there was only one name, LJUBISA SAMARDZIC, Republic of Serbia - this giant managed to merge three biographies (actor, director and producer) into one-his own!

DSc MILAN RADOVIC, the President of the Management Board of Nova Banka Banja Luka ris awarded for outstanding business results, a constant meteoric growth of the bank and excellent cooperation with numerous clients. Nova Banka is THE BEST BANK.

For the Best TV documentary show this year's award was given to Mr. BOYK VASSILEV PETROV from Bulgarian State Television, for his TV show Panorama.

For the specific and special women's and children's FAIRS, as this year's winner was awarded Ms. Maja KOJUNDZIC from well-known company Cuspis from London.

The picture below: all awarded in this field of Special Awards: Nova Banka- Mr Avlijas, Maja Kojundzic, DSc Zijad Becirovic, Aljaf Bakhtayar, Boyko Vassiliev Petrov and Ljubisa Samardzic

All winners for banks, fairs. science , best tv show and kulture

Best Media and TV

From the field of MEDIA, TV N1 was elected as the BEST TELEVISION in this region. Awarded are:

1. Mr. BRENT SADLER, President of the Board of CNN Regional Branch - N1 Television
2. Ms. ALEKSANDRA SUBOTIC, Director of United Media
3. Director of N1 for BiH, Mr. AMIR ZUKIC
4. Director from Zagreb N1 Television Center, Mr. TIHOMIR LADISIC
5. Mr. JUGOSLAV COSIC, Director of N1 for Serbia

The slider below: all awarded from N1 TV:

BRENT SADLER, President of the Board of CNN Regional Branch - N1 Television
AMIR ZUKIC. N1 TV BiH, Best Media Award
ALEKSANDRA SUBOTIC, Director of United Media N1 TV
Director from Zagreb N1 Television Center, Mr. TIHOMIR LADISIC

Awards for managers and companies

Awards for managers and companies

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Awards for business start always with the highest AWARD FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT to the most successful businessmen. It is almost a tradition that awarded from this category are people who are still in full power and in their best age, but because of their outstanding results and contributions to the overall development of their companies and businesses in general, they deserve to become the laureate of this prestigious award. It is also the highest award of this Manifestation!

Laureats for 2016:

Mr. JOŽE MERMAL, President of the Management Board of BTC Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a great manager and visionary (with his project ”city in city”)!
Mr. SIMON NAUMOSKI, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vitaminka from Prilep, Macedonia! Vitaminka is the life's work of Mr. NAUMOSKI, who managed to return the old glory and status to this company.
Mr. RADOMIR RAJO KOVACEVIC is the owner of the company Mezon from Montenegro and a leader in the construction and installation of equipment in the electroporation in the region!

Photo below - the winners of the biggest award of this Manifestation, the Lifetimetime Achievement Award: gentlemen (from left to right) Jože Mermal, Simon Naumoski and Radomir Rajo Kovacevic:

Najmenadzer Awards for life achievement and whole work

Managers of Decade

This is the category for managers who managed to be successful and best in their area of expertise for the whole decade. Those managers are:

Mr. FARUK SIRBEGOVIC, the owner of the company Sirbegovic from Gracanica, BiH, is unsurpassed in the field of architecture and construction!
Mr. MILIJA BOZOVIC, Gen. Director of Copper Mill Copper from Sevojno, Republic of Serbia. The company is the leader in the production of copper and alloys of copper!
Mr. Husein SEJO BRAJLOVIC, owner of the company Brajlovic from Sarajevo, BiH, - the best company for production of healthy food, catering and best restaurant in the region!
Mr. ALEKSANDER MERVAR, company Eles from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Public company Eles is engaged in the transfer and exchange of electricity and aluminum production.

On the picture below are all winners of the Award Menager of Decade: (from left to right) g. Faruk Sirbegovic, Mr. Milija Bozovic, Mr. Husein Sejo Brajlovic and Mr. Alexander Mervar.

Best in 2016, Mangers of Decade

Best in Medium and Big Business

Mr. MILOVAN MILE KOCIC, president of Yumis company from Nis, Serbia, is the winner of the Najmenadzer (Best manager) award in the field of food industry!
Mr. DAMIR OMERAGIC, Director of Euromix Concrete from Bar, Montenegro, in the field of production of building materials!
Mr. FAHRUDIN SALIHOVIC and Pivara Tuzla are synonymous for bosnien beer, and the (Najmenager( Best manager award goes to them for the beer production!
Mr. MILENKO MILE MAKSIMOVIC and restaurant Stara ada from Banja Luka, BiH, the best restaurant of the year!
Mr. RADOVAN RADULOVIĆ and the company Montenomaks, Montenegro, the top manager and the best company for logistics and freight forwarding services!
Mr. ARIAJAN SHANAJ with his company ALGAZ from Tirana, Albania!
Mr. KASEM BAKO, company MAREOIL, also from Tirana, Albania!

All managers from Medium and Big Business-Winners in 2016:

Best in 2016, Medim & Big Business Award

”Champions of Business”

The ”CHAMPIONS OF BUSINESS” award was divided this year into two groups due to the fact that so many businessmen are great! These groups are completely equal! In the first group of champions are:

Mr. SASA VLAISAVLJEVIC, Airport Nikola Tesla, Belgrade, Serbia, the leader in the field of airports!
Ms. LJILJANA KUNOSIC, Bingo Tuzla, BiH, regional leader in trade! Ms. Kunosic is also the best manager in the field of trade!
Mr. RADOMIR MIKAN ZEC and HTP Ulcinj Riviera from Montenegro in the field of tourism!
General Manager IGOR ILIEVSKI from Macedonia and TIKVES company are the top manager and the best company - champions of wine production - they make the best wine in the region and beyond!

On the photo below are Business Champions from the first group, from left to right: the award for Sasa Vlaisavljevic, Ljijana Kunosic, Mr. Radomir Mikan Zec and Mr. Igor Ilievski.

First Group of Business Champions for 2016
In the second group of Business Champions are:

Ms. MUNEVERA FOCO and company Unis Ginex d.d. Gorazde, BiH! Ms. Foča is also a businesswoman of the year of Southeast and Central Europe!
Mr. TOMISLAV DEBELJAK, company Div and Brodosplit, Croatia, is the leader in its branch. His company records an unbelievable annual growth of 40 percent!
Mr. ZBYGNIEV NOWIK, OT Logistics from Poland, is engaged in logistics and freight forwarding services in the European freight transport market and is the leader in this field!
Mr. DRAGOMIR KARIC, President of the Board of Directors of BK Group and Dana Holdings! He receive this award for himself and his brother, Mr Bogoljub Karic. They both work in Moscow, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and many other countries and are best in building the most magnificent housing complexes, shopping malls and everything else that human mind can imagine.

On the photo below are Business Champions from the second group, from left to right: Mr. Munevera Foco, Mr. Tomislav Debeljak, Mr. Zbygniew Nowik and g. Dragomir Karic

Second Group of Business Champions for 2016

Our sincere congratulations to all managers and top business leaders in their fields for such glorious triumph and great business success!

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