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    Independent Agency for Selection of Best Managers (Najmenadzer) was established in 1995 in Zenica and since then the Agency elects the most successful people in all areas of business.

    With the awarding of prizes we began a year earlier, but due to the war situation, this award was limited on Zenica-Doboj Canton only. The Agency was established one year later as it is today. These awards are also know as Najmenadzer, meaning that the Agency and awards are both known as NAJMENADZER, in english BEST MANAGER.

    The Award, now known officially as Najmenadzer, was first allocated only for B&H but the project has spread out and now we already choose the best once in the Region for the 17th time (in 2017). We now choose the best once from all part of Europe!

    The Event is held in order to promote people who create good for themselves and their environment and those who provide not only the growth, but also talent and culture that depend on them.

    Therefore, we are oriented only on the positive things; we are not interested neither in politics or the country from which managers come.

    Some of our Jury and board members are in these pictures below:

    Our Jury

    A special Jury, which sums up the results from received nominations, has a tougher task every year. And that is - choosing the best among the best (best managers and best companies at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Southeast and Central Europe).
    During nowadays work, the Jury had no omissions, at least according to the ratings of prominent managers and other public figures.

    Members of the Special Jury sometimes also become some of the Top Managers of the Region or B&H, either due to the fact that they have been selected several times due to outstanding business results or because they are genuinely satisfied with the way that Project works.

    Below is slider with some Jury members. Click on the image to enlarge it:

    Since 2016, the Special Jury is supplementing with another member, Mr. Vibor Mulic, who was declared for the Best Manager of Decade for 2015! Mr. Mulic and Zepter Company (Warsaw, Poland) have already occupied this prestigious location for the second time since this event exists. The Jury for Selection of the Most Successful Managers of Southeast and Central Europe has 15 members.

    We believe that we will continue to work successfully in the future - to the joy of the managers, but also for the quality of the whole project.

    The Special Jury makes:

    • Vibor Mulic, Regional Jury President
    • Tomislav Antunovic, Chairman of the Special Jury
    • Elvira Begovic, Vice-President of the Special Jury
    • Ruzdija Tuzovic, Vice President of Special Jury
    • Emil Vasilev, Jury Member
    • Julijana Mikulic Jurkovic, Jury Member
    • Iztok Seljak, Co- Chairman of the Jury (Republic of Slovenia)
    • Flamur GASHI, Jury Member (The Republic of Albania and Kosovo);

    • Dr. Bruno BOJIC, Jury Member (B&H);
    • Angela AUER, Jury Member (Republic of Austria);
    • Pane SKRBIC, General Secretary of the Jury (B&H);
    • Zeljko MARUSIC, Jury Member (Republic of Croatia);
    • Thomas WILBERT, Jury Member (Germany);
    • Aleksandar MEDJEDOVIC, Co-Chairman of the Jury (Turkey);
    • Zlatko MAKSIMOVIC, Jury Member (Bosnia and Herzegovina);
    • Branko AZESKI, Jury Member (Macedonia);

    Our Jury team is part of the best once in business, and has its leaders in several field, where they will choose the best once.

    Members of our Board
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    Pane Skrbic, General Board Director

    A longtime journalist and tourist worker, lawyer, and successful as an entrepreneur, but also the organizer of many musical and fashion events. He has started the event back in 1994, as a Selection of Best Managers of Zenica-Doboj Canton, where it has been developed into a National, and then the Regional choice. Now it is divided into two separate Events.

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    Elvira Begovic, Vice President of the Board

    Bachelor in economics, specialist in management and information technology!
    General Director of Onasa, Sarajevo, born in Mostar. She worked in tourism, journalism, and she is the former ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in London. Elvira Begovic at that position went from the position of head of accounting in the news agency ONASA, where she now behaves as its CEO.

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    Vibor Mulic, Regional Jury President

    An extremely successful businessman standing at the helm of Zepter-Poland, a holding company recognizable everywhere in the world. The first co-worker of the owner and general manager, he is also the winner of multiple awards for the Manager of the Year. Member of the Jury since middle of 2015.

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    Tomislav Antunovic, Jury President of B&H

    The luxurious hotel and commercial-business center "Antunovic" was built in Zagreb. Today, there are two companies in Croatia, two in B&H and one in Vienna, Müenchen and Delaware (USA). Their main activity is the trade in petroleum products and catering. It holds about ten percent of the oil market in B&H.

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    Ruzdija Tuzovic, Member of Board of Directors

    Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic appointed Ruzdija Tuzovic as a consultant for international economic relations. Tuzovic was the advisor of the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, and the director of department of Montenegro Bank in Frankfurt.

    As important part of this election of the Best Managers, there is a traditional Business Forum - Summit 100. This is the place where managers and economic experts can exchange experiences in every field of work.

    This Project helds itself for years, thanks to the revenue from the Euromanager Magazine, which is an integral part of the Project. ”Euromanager” is released monthly and covers stories from businnes, life and work.

    The project is also issued with the book "Best Manager", with all important informations about prizes from the B&H and Region.

    Headquarter of the Agency is in Zenica, Titova 23, and the head office is in Sarajevo, at Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1.

    The project is divided into two branches: the Best of B&H and The Best of Europa.

    The best of from B&H is a manifestation traditionally held every December in Banja Luka, when the best managers of our country are proclaimed.

    Every July is held another event in Sarajevo and there is Election of the best once from the whole Region. On the same day, there is the Summit 100, a business forum that brings together at least 100 participants. This participants are leading experts from their field as well as most awarding managers.

    The main theme of this Conference is always some hot and actual topic for the entire Region and Europe. Every year the Conference has an honorary exhibitors who joins the conference, as President of Bulgaria, Mr. Rose Plevneliev did last year.

    Some members of the board

    Some of our technical and other staff members:

    Najmenadzer's team

    Our designers, cameramen and writers with CEO of Najmenadzer Mr. Pane Skrbic

    Najmenadzer's photographers are the best in the world

    Our photographers are the best: (from left) Selver, Jasmin, Edin and Dijana

    Some moments from last Ceremony in July 2017:

    Here's what people in the Special Jury of the Best Manager of the Southeast and Central Europe and B&H Region say about the Project:

    • Julijana MIKULIC JURKOVIC, Jury Member

      This is a great Project! Its special dimension is that - in the right way – it affirms the economic and many other values of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider Region. I am pleased to have been involved in the Project in various ways in the last few years. In the future they will have my full support.

    • Ruždija TUZOVIC, Vice-President of the Special Jury

      Awards are certainly an important thing in every man's life and society as a whole. It is a stimulus for further work. The added value of this award is the fact that the title BEST MANAGER is primarily based on a colleague's opinion.

    • Tomislav ANTUNOVIC, Chairman of the Special Jury

      This is a remarkable Project that affirms top creativity in the right way. I was convinced of its value, because in the Project - in various ways - I've been involved for years. I know what kind of feeling it is when you receive acknowledgments. I received many awards, the biggest once, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, Europe and the world.
      As I am at the top level of the Jury, together with other members, we make a lot of effort to elect the best once, as well as those who are most successful, in Southeast and Central Europe. We strive to be righteous and realistic. At this occasion, I would like to send a congratulatory message to the Regional Independent Promotion Agency for the best managers and best companies from Zenica, managed by Pane SKRBIC, its Founder and General Manager. For a reason - for everything he has done so far and has done so much, in public presentation of the best companies and individuals. This whole project is based on positive energy. It is necessary for all of us in the whole region, if we want - which we do, to go even faster.

    • Vibor MULIC, President of Jury

      Throughout this project, we all actually “fills in” with the positive energy. We always meet new people, new successful businessmen, business partners ... As a members of the Jury, for years, we do everything to make the best selection of quality, responsible and honest, and for the final ceremonies in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, to be at the professional, highest level. We will continue with this style in the future!

    There is always something to talk about before any meeting or conference between members of the board and guests.

    "I am proud that we have created, and that is an indisputable fact, a respectable project that has long been treated (and still is) by one of the most important Bosnian and Herzegovinian brands. I would like to thank to all those who were with us since that cold war night in Zenica in 1995, all the way to those great Banja Luka’s nights and many bright nights in Sarajevo and triumphs of the best among us in them. Sincerely and with best wishes to all good people in all the world's meridians!”Pane Skrbic, CEO

    Send us Your proposals and Your candidate!

    If you have some suggestions for us, we will gladly consider them. Each of your suggestions is precious and if you know someone who meets all of the terms / conditions for the Leader, please send us the information. First click here and download the application called Proposals for the Best Managers – Best Companies, fill in and send it to our mail or fax.

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