Our event is the only opportunity for people of different orientations, religions, cultures and backgrounds, to meet, understand each other and learn to accept diversities!

Work for the future…

Political or religious orientation is a private matter, not a part of this Election.

Learn from the best…

Only the best of us can be an example to all the rest once, they are the Stars of this Election.

Role models...

Everyone who became big in business had to make a huge efforts and commitment.

Latest news from our blog…

All our latest news You can read here!


“The greatest joy is to introduce the best ones among us, since they are hiding the secret of success! They are the only ones to be followed and to be a role models. They deserve the Oscars!"


We choose the best once in the Region of South-Eastern and Central Europe every year, as well as the best once in Bosnia and Hercegovina. And every year we find people who create miracles and contribute to a better life, community and to the whole world...

How we choose…

We believe that we always choose the best candidates. We make selection only among applicants.

  • We choose independently.
  • We choose, regardless of the working type.
  • Each candidate is detailed checked.
  • We are interested only in business success.
  • We choose independently of politics.


Meet some from TopClub!

  • HE President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev
    HE President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, Man of the Year in 2015!
  • Rasim Ljajic, best minister in 2016
    Rasim Ljajic, Serbia, Best Minister in 2016
  • Ljubisa Samardzic, award for Best artist
    Ljubisa Samardzic, Serbia, Best Artist in 2016.
  • Enis Beslagic, award for best actor in BiH
    Enis Beslagic, Bosnia, Best Actor in B&H in 2016
  • Goran Milic, best journalist of Region in 2016
    Goran Milic, Croatia, Best Juornalist in 2016
  • Zoran Zaev, best mayor
    Zoran Zaev, Macedonia, Best Mayor in 2016
  • Zorana Mihajlovic, best minister in 2018
    Zorana Mihajlovic, Serbia, Best minister in Region in 2018

Part of Our Management

“This is the best thing for managers, not only in B&H, but everywhere. The recognition of their effort!”

Vibor Mulic, President of the Jury

Vibor Mulic, President of the Jury

“There is no other project as positive and with so much energy and inspiration as this one.”

Elvira Begovic, vice president of Najmenadzer

Elvira Begovic, Vice President

“I am proud that we've created a positive brand which celebrates the best once in Europe!"

Pane Skrbic, CEO Najmenadzer

Pane Skrbic, CEO of the Event

Other members of the TopClub!

Lepa Brena, Person of the Century
Jonathan Moore, Best Diplomat in 2016
Ljiljana Kunosić with award for business in 2016
Mr Dragomir Karic nad Zbigniew Nowik, best managers of Region
Special award for media, sport and culture
Managers of Decade in 2016
Raka Maric, Best manager in show biz 2015
Champions of the Region in 2016
Champions in 2015
Vibor Mulic, Award in 2015
Conference in 2014
Andrej Jovanovic, bast manager in 2018

Our offices are in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Zagreb.
The Central Agency in Zenica :
S. B. Bašagića 2b, 72 000 Zenica
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Our phones are :
+387 32 420 250
+387 420 705

Our mails are:

or for english only:


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Don't hesitate to send us Your proposals, Your candidates for best managers and best companies!

Business has no boundaries nor division!
It does’n matter anything but victory!
Be a winner !!!

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